Mental Health Spiritual

Processing and Reflecting on Mission Experience

A Guide for Personal and Spiritual Growth. To the brave souls returning from missions abroad, your journey has undoubtedly been filled with profound experiences that have shaped you in numerous ways. As you transition back to life at home, taking the time to process and reflect on these experiences is crucial for your personal and […]

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Finding a New Community or Church Group

Connecting with Like-Minded Souls After Your Mission. Returning from a mission can often feel like stepping into a new world. One of the key steps in readjusting to life back home is finding a community or church group where you feel connected and understood. This new community can offer support, fellowship, and a sense of […]

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Career/Professional Development

Pursuing Further Education or Training

Leveraging Your Mission Experience for Academic and Professional Growth. As you transition into post-mission life, you may be considering furthering your education or training. This path can enhance your skills, open new career opportunities, and allow you to leverage your unique mission experiences in an educational setting. Let’s explore how to choose relevant courses or […]

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