What Career or Educational Paths Should I Pursue Now?

After serving as a missionary overseas, you’re likely filled with a wealth of experiences and skills that can significantly shape your future career or educational pursuits. Many returning missionaries wonder how they can leverage their unique set of skills in a new context. Let’s explore how your mission experience can translate into fulfilling career and educational opportunities.

Translating Mission Skills to Career Opportunities.

Your time on the mission field has equipped you with invaluable skills that are highly sought after in many professional fields. Here’s how you can apply these skills:

  1. Cross-Cultural Communication: Your experience in navigating different cultures and languages is a tremendous asset in today’s globalized workplace. Careers in international relations, diplomacy, or global marketing are areas where these skills are in high demand.
  2. Adaptability and Problem-Solving: The unpredictable nature of mission work means you’re well-versed in adapting to new situations and solving problems creatively. These abilities are crucial in fields like project management, event planning, or any role requiring strategic planning and adaptability.
  3. Empathy and Social Skills: As a missionary, you’ve developed a deep sense of empathy and strong social skills. These are essential in careers such as counseling, psychology, social work, or any role that involves working directly with people.
  4. Teaching and Mentorship: Many missionaries find themselves in teaching roles, whether formally or informally. This experience is directly transferable to educational careers, whether in traditional classroom settings or in training and development roles in various industries.
  5. Leadership: Your experience in leading groups, organizing events, or managing projects makes you a strong candidate for leadership roles in many sectors, including non-profit organizations, corporate settings, or community development.

Educational Pathways Aligned with Mission Experiences.

If you’re considering further education, your mission experience can guide your choice of study. Here are some areas that align well with your background:

  1. Theology or Biblical Studies: Deepening your understanding of theology can be both fulfilling and beneficial, especially if you’re considering continuing in ministry or missionary work.
  2. Social Work: With your experience in helping communities, a degree in social work can be a natural fit. This can lead to careers in non-profits, community development, or international aid organizations.
  3. International Relations or Global Studies: These fields can allow you to leverage your cross-cultural experience and interest in global issues, preparing you for a career in diplomacy, international non-profits, or global business.
  4. Education: Formalizing your teaching skills can open doors in both public and private education sectors, as well as in adult education and training.
  5. Counseling or Psychology: For those who have found a passion in providing support and guidance to others, pursuing a degree in counseling or psychology could be a rewarding path.
  6. Public Health: If your mission involved health education or healthcare, a career in public health might be a fulfilling continuation of this work.


Your mission experience has equipped you with a unique set of skills and perspectives that are valuable in many different careers and educational paths. Whether you choose to pursue further studies or jump straight into a new career, remember that the experiences you’ve gained as a missionary can guide and enhance your journey. Embrace this new chapter with the same courage and openness that you did your mission, and you’ll find a path that not only utilizes your skills but also fulfills your passion to serve and make a difference.

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