Career/Professional Development

Pursuing Further Education or Training

Leveraging Your Mission Experience for Academic and Professional Growth. As you transition into post-mission life, you may be considering furthering your education or training. This path can enhance your skills, open new career opportunities, and allow you to leverage your unique mission experiences in an educational setting. Let’s explore how to choose relevant courses or […]

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Career/Professional Development Personal Development

Applying Mission Skills in Daily Life

Leveraging Your Experience for Personal Growth. Your time in the mission field has undoubtedly equipped you with a unique set of skills and experiences. While the context of your daily life post-mission may have changed, the skills you’ve honed overseas are incredibly valuable and can be applied in various aspects of your everyday life. Let’s […]

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Career/Professional Development Education

Career or Educational Paths Post-Mission

What Career or Educational Paths Should I Pursue Now? After serving as a missionary overseas, you’re likely filled with a wealth of experiences and skills that can significantly shape your future career or educational pursuits. Many returning missionaries wonder how they can leverage their unique set of skills in a new context. Let’s explore how […]

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