Adaptation/Transition Culture Mental Health

Coping with Change in Pace of Life

Transitioning from Mission to Routine. You’ve stepped out of a life that was likely marked by constant activity, unexpected challenges, and a deep sense of purpose in your mission work. As you re-enter a more routine existence, the change in pace can be jarring. This transition period requires adjustment, both mentally and emotionally. Let’s explore […]

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Adaptation/Transition Culture Mental Health

Dealing with Reverse Culture Shock

Navigating the Journey Home for Missionaries. As you return from your service overseas, you might anticipate a smooth transition back to your familiar surroundings. However, many find themselves facing an unexpected challenge: reverse culture shock. It’s a common experience for those who have spent significant time abroad, characterized by feeling out of place in your […]

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Adaptation/Transition Culture

Adapting to Cultural Changes at Home

Navigating Reverse Culture Shock for Returning Missionaries. As you step back onto familiar ground after your time serving overseas, you might anticipate a comforting return to the known and loved. However, for many missionaries, coming home can be as much of a cultural adjustment as going abroad. This phenomenon, often less talked about, is known […]

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