Mental Health Spiritual

Processing and Reflecting on Mission Experience

A Guide for Personal and Spiritual Growth. To the brave souls returning from missions abroad, your journey has undoubtedly been filled with profound experiences that have shaped you in numerous ways. As you transition back to life at home, taking the time to process and reflect on these experiences is crucial for your personal and […]

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Adaptation/Transition Mental Health

Dealing with Changes in Daily Routine

Blending Mission Life into Everyday Living. Returning from your mission can often mean a significant shift in your daily routine. The structured, purpose-driven lifestyle you adapted to overseas might starkly contrast with the life you return to. However, integrating elements of your mission life into your current routine can create a sense of continuity and […]

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Mental Health

Emotional and Psychological Challenges

Navigating Post-Mission Adjustments. Returning from a mission can bring about a whirlwind of emotions. While it’s a time of reunion and reflection, it can also unearth unexpected emotional and psychological challenges. Many missionaries experience feelings of depression, anxiety, or disorientation as they adjust to life back home. Acknowledging and addressing these challenges is crucial for […]

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