Adaptation/Transition Personal Development

Challenges of Transitioning to Civilian Life

Navigating the Post-Missionary Journey. Transitioning back to civilian life after serving overseas can be a complex journey, filled with unique challenges. From practical aspects like finding housing and a job to adjusting to a different societal pace, this transition requires patience, planning, and adaptability. In this post, we’ll explore some of these challenges and share […]

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Communication Personal Development

Handling Questions About Mission Experiences

Navigating Conversations with Sensitivity and Boundaries. Returning from a mission often means facing a barrage of questions from curious friends, family, and acquaintances. While many of these inquiries come from a place of genuine interest, some questions can be difficult, sensitive, or even intrusive. Knowing how to navigate these conversations while setting boundaries for personal […]

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Career/Professional Development Personal Development

Applying Mission Skills in Daily Life

Leveraging Your Experience for Personal Growth. Your time in the mission field has undoubtedly equipped you with a unique set of skills and experiences. While the context of your daily life post-mission may have changed, the skills you’ve honed overseas are incredibly valuable and can be applied in various aspects of your everyday life. Let’s […]

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