Finding a New Community or Church Group

Connecting with Like-Minded Souls After Your Mission. Returning from a mission can often feel like stepping into a new world. One of the key steps in readjusting to life back home is finding a community or church group where you feel connected and understood. This new community can offer support, fellowship, and a sense of […]

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Communication Social/Community

Staying Connected with People Met During the Mission

Nurturing Relationships Across Continents. To the missionaries returning from their service abroad, one of the most treasured aspects of your journey is undoubtedly the relationships you formed. These connections, whether with fellow missionaries, locals, or others you met along the way, can have a lasting impact on your life. However, maintaining these relationships after returning […]

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Social/Community Spiritual

Continuing to Serve at Home

Bringing Your Mission Skills to Your Community. Your journey abroad might have ended, but the spirit of service that drove you is still very much alive. As you readjust to life back home, you might be seeking ways to continue serving and applying the invaluable skills you gained on your mission. Let’s explore how you […]

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