Media Ministry Specialist

United States
Media Ministry Specialist

Objective: To give every international student on the campus the opportunity to hear and respond to the Gospel and to grow to be a servant within God’s Kingdom by supporting and empowering regional and area staff through:
• The creation, production, and distribution of relevant video, audio, and printed media that augments local ministry
• Providing training and coaching for local staff and volunteers to raise competency and skills in the production, use, and management of media, including social media
• Assisting in the management of local social media presence where needed to supplement on-campus, volunteer, and financial/prayer partner ministry, with a view to empower and encourage the local team toward self-managed and skillful use of relevant avenues of social media engagement.

Spiritual Characteristics: Person of prayer, Teachable spirit, Person of spiritual maturity and committed to personal spiritual growth, Adherence to ISI’s Statement of Faith and Moral Conduct Policy.

Educational/Experience Qualifications:
• College graduate (minimum of a bachelor’s degree preferred), equivalent secular experience relevant to position (experience in international student ministry preferred)
• Familiarity with the planning, production, and dissemination of digital media, encompassing video, audio, blogs, graphics etc. as well as familiarity with platforms and applications used in content production and distribution
• Ordination or commissioning is highly recommended and can be pursued after assuming the position.
• An employee who otherwise meets these qualifications but who has little to no prior work experience will be considered a “trainee” for salary/fundraising purposes for a maximum period of three years.

Desirable Capabilities:
• Has a heart for the spiritually lost
• Encouraging and helpful to others
• Uses discernment and strong interpersonal skills
• Strong leadership skills
• Excellent communication skills
• Committed to evangelism and discipleship
• Exhibits a positive and professional manner
• Strong defender of confidentiality
• Respectful of authority structures
• Ability to work in stressful situations
• Team Player
• Flexible
• Skills in media development, including video production, photography, and graphic design
• Some skill in website development
• Working familiarity with social media and how to use it to expand the ministry
• Strong verbal and written communication abilities
• Able to train others of varying technical ability
• Strong administrative and logistical skills
• Keeps up with current digital media technology and trends
• An ideal candidate would serve alongside local area international student ministry teams.

• ISI is registered as a church under US tax laws. All ISI staff should preach and teach the Word of God through their actions, and when appropriate, in word. ISI authorizes staff to perform various ministry functions including, but not limited to, leading Bible studies, praying, leading international student clubs/gatherings, planning/directing or supervising the ministry activities of others, and planning and developing the content of religious or other activities and events with students and other ISI partners and participants, while maintaining alignment with ISI’s Statement of Faith. When appropriate, they may perform sacerdotal duties, such as officiating for baptisms, weddings, funerals, and the administering of Holy Communion.
• Develop donors and raise funds for support of salary and expenses of this position
• Assist with media creation, development, production, and distribution in the local or regional area
• Support area and regional staff by the creation of video, audio, and print media that enhances and advances ministry efforts, including (but not limited to):
o Partnership Development videos
o Prayer cards
o Promotional videos for events and initiatives
o Documentation of stories and testimonies
o Media campaigns to highlight International Student Inc’s ministry within the community
o Media for recruitment of new staff
o Production and editing audio for podcasts
o Management of local team YouTube channel(s)
• Develop and deliver training to empower local staff and volunteers with skills related to wise and adept media use
• Manage the local team’s social media presence, including ensuring branding is consistent with national organizational standards
• Work with the coordinator of national digital media on larger, national scale media projects as needed
• Meet regularly with the coordinator of national digital media, other area media specialists and staff for coaching, training, and collaboration
• Some work-related travel may be required
• Obtain final decisions and approval by local Area/City/Campus Director (primary) and Regional Director (secondary) prior to the release of videos and promotional material

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