Righteous Rides

United States
Righteous Rides
Cost: Reservation Fee: $350, Daily Rate: $15.00 / day, Mileage Allotment: $ 0.18/day
Phone: +16364564506

Righteous Rides provides reliable transportation at a reasonable cost to missionaries on furlough. Through donations of cars, cash, etc., Righteous Rides is able to keep a fleet of late modeI Chrysler minivans on the road for use by missionaries home on furlough. St. Louis is our primary hub location. Other locations include: Albuquerque, Atlanta, Dallas, Knoxville, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Tampa/Orlando, Philadelphia, and Seattle.

Note: Currently over 75% of our vehicles are released from the St. Louis hub. Choosing St. Louis as ONE of your choice locations for the release/return of a vehicle will increase your opportunity to reserve a vehicle for the dates you request.

Minimum lease 30 days.

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