SafePlace Ministries

Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States
SafePlace Ministries

– They offer end of term and end of service debriefings to individuals, couples, families and teams. These debriefings can be completed online or in person ranging from 3 hours to full 2-5 day debrief intensives.
Marriage Intensives
– For couples with at least one spouse serving in missions/ministry/human services context, these facilitated intensives provide a time of debriefing, processing, and connection with one another.
– Each intensive is offered in person over the course of 2 days and gives couples the opportunity to explore the specific impact of life in service on the marriage relationship.
– Couples will receive care and tangible tools related to moving forward in partnership well together.
Individual Care
– They provide in-person or online support to partner with clients to identify the joys and difficulties associated with their specific role and assist developing a plan of care aimed at wellbeing.
– Their staff understand the struggles of serving in ministry and in different countries all over the world as they have personally experienced it themselves.

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