Wellsprings of Freedom

3900 18th Avenue, Rock Island, Illinois 61201, United States
Wellsprings of Freedom
Phone: +13097888100

At Wellsprings of Freedom International, we combine inner-healing and spiritual warfare prayer that allows people to walk in long-term freedom in Christ. Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we help clients to pull up the roots of pain, betrayal, mistrust, abandonment, and rejection in their lives that have been created by wounds or deep hurts. We carefully walk through any areas of unforgiveness and bitterness that may be present in a client’s life. Debilitating lies that clients have believed are exposed and the Holy Spirit speaks His life-transforming truth. All of this is done in the context of what we call “freedom sessions.” Freedom sessions are three-hour prayer sessions facilitated by a loving team of trained volunteers with various spiritual gifts to help a client experience spiritual freedom. It’s gentle, loving, powerful, and life changing! We also offer training and equipping sessions through conferences and events.

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