Leveraging Your Mission Experience for Academic and Professional Growth.

As you transition into post-mission life, you may be considering furthering your education or training. This path can enhance your skills, open new career opportunities, and allow you to leverage your unique mission experiences in an educational setting. Let’s explore how to choose relevant courses or training programs and how to integrate your mission experiences into this new educational journey.

Understanding Your Goals and Interests.

  1. Reflect on Your Mission Experience: Consider the skills you developed and the aspects of your mission work you found most fulfilling. Did you enjoy teaching, organizing community programs, or perhaps the intercultural communication aspect?
  2. Identify Your Career Goals: Think about your long-term career aspirations. Do you want to continue working in a mission or nonprofit setting, or are you looking to transition into a different field?
  3. Assess Your Current Skills: Identify any skill gaps that you need to fill to achieve your career goals. This will help you determine the type of courses or training you should pursue.

Choosing Relevant Courses or Training Programs.

  1. Research Educational Institutions: Look for colleges, universities, or training institutions that offer programs relevant to your interests and career goals.
  2. Consider Online Learning: If flexibility is key, consider online courses or degree programs. Many reputable institutions offer online learning options that can be tailored to your schedule.
  3. Look for Specialized Programs: Some institutions offer programs specifically designed for individuals with backgrounds in missionary work or international service.
  4. Explore Financial Aid Options: Investigate scholarships, grants, or financial aid options available for returning missionaries or for those pursuing specific fields of study.
  5. Attend Open Houses or Information Sessions: These can provide valuable insights into the curriculum, the faculty, and the overall learning environment.

Leveraging Mission Experiences in Educational Settings.

  1. Highlight Cross-Cultural Skills: Your experience in navigating different cultures is a valuable asset. Look for programs that value global perspectives or focus on international studies.
  2. Build on Your Language Skills: If you learned a new language during your mission, consider advanced language courses or programs in translation and interpretation.
  3. Pursue Studies in Social Work or Counseling: If your mission involved community building or counseling, degrees in social work, psychology, or counseling could be a great fit.
  4. Explore Theology or Religious Studies: Deepen your theological understanding or study other religious traditions to broaden your perspective.
  5. Consider Education Degrees: If teaching was a significant part of your mission, a degree in education could formalize and expand your teaching skills.
  6. Use Your Experiences in Class Discussions and Projects: Your unique perspectives can enrich class discussions and provide real-world insights for projects and group work.


Pursuing further education or training is a fantastic way to build upon your mission experiences and prepare for the next stage of your professional life. By carefully selecting programs that align with your skills, interests, and career aspirations, you can ensure that your time in the mission field continues to influence and enrich your future endeavors. Embrace this opportunity for growth, knowing that your mission experiences provide a unique and valuable foundation for your ongoing educational and professional journey.

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