Finding Support and Community After Your Service.

Returning from your mission can be an exciting but challenging time. Adjusting back to life at home, you might find yourself needing support and guidance. Fortunately, there are numerous resources available, from support groups to counseling services and online forums. Let’s explore these resources and highlight the benefits of staying connected with a supportive community.

Support Groups and Organizations.

  1. Missionary Care Services: Many missionary organizations offer post-mission support services. Check with your sending agency for available resources.
  2. Local Churches: Your home church or local churches often have support groups for returned missionaries, offering a space to share experiences and receive spiritual guidance.
  3. Cross-Cultural Transition Programs: Some organizations specialize in helping missionaries transition back to their home culture. These programs offer workshops, retreats, and counseling services.
  4. Global Missionary Networks: Organizations like the Global Missionary Network provide forums for missionaries to connect, share experiences, and find support.

Counseling Services.

  1. Professional Counselors Specializing in Cross-Cultural Issues: Look for counselors who specialize in dealing with cross-cultural transitions and missionary experiences.
  2. Online Counseling Services: For those in remote areas or preferring privacy, online counseling services offer flexibility and anonymity.
  3. Missionary Care Organizations: Organizations dedicated to missionary care often have licensed counselors who understand the unique challenges faced by returning missionaries.

Online Forums and Communities.

  1. Missionary Blogs and Websites: Many missionary blogs offer advice and forums for discussion. These can be a great source of comfort and information.
  2. Social Media Groups: Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms have groups and communities for returned missionaries where you can connect and share with peers who understand your experiences.
  3. Discussion Boards and Forums: Websites like Reddit have specific threads for missionaries where you can seek advice, share stories, and find support.

Benefits of Staying Connected with a Supportive Community.

  1. Shared Understanding: Connecting with others who have had similar experiences can provide comfort and understanding that friends and family at home might not offer.
  2. Emotional Support: Support groups and counseling can provide emotional support, helping you process your experiences and adjust to life back home.
  3. Resources and Guidance: These communities often have resources and guidance to help you navigate practical challenges like finding a job, adjusting to daily life, and managing relationships.
  4. Spiritual Growth: Staying connected with a faith-based community can help maintain and grow your spiritual life post-mission.
  5. Opportunities to Give Back: Many find fulfillment in supporting other missionaries by sharing their experiences and learnings.


Returning from your mission doesn’t mean you have to navigate the transition alone. Embracing the support and resources available can greatly ease your adjustment period. Remember, staying connected with a supportive community can not only help you process your experiences but also provide a platform for continuous growth and service. You’ve done incredible work on your mission, and now it’s time to ensure you’re supported as you start this new chapter at home.

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