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Resources for Missionaries: Housing, Transportation, Counseling, Training, Retreats and Job Opportunities.

The Challenge We Recognize

Missionaries around the world dedicate their lives to serving others and spreading the Gospel. However, when they return home, they often face unexpected challenges. Transitioning back can be difficult, with essential resources like housing, transportation, services, and employment opportunities being hard to locate and access. For those who have spent years abroad, reintegrating into their home countries can be a journey filled with obstacles.

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A Community Resource Network

Co-Mission is here to bridge this gap. We offer an innovative online directory that connects returning missionaries with crucial resources. Our platform is designed not only for missionaries and ministers but also for their supporters, including friends, family, missionary organizations, churches, investors, and donors. By collaborating with a network of faith-based groups and service providers, we ensure that these essential resources are visible, accessible, and tailored to the unique needs of our returning missionaries.



List your available resources, such as your home, spare vehicle, services or career opportunities within your organization.



Assist generous church members in providing a central location for listing their available resources, while streamlining the communication process.



Organize supporters willing to offer their resources and generosity to missionaries, automate the search and communication process.



Discover the resources you need during your furlough or as you transition back to your home country, by tapping into our network of generous sponsors.

Join and Support Our Mission

Whether you are a returning missionary, a friend, a member of a missionary organization, a church representative, or a donor, you play a crucial role in this journey. Register today to access our resources, offer support, or learn more about how you can help ease the transition for those returning from missionary service.

Why We Are Committed

Our mission is rooted in gratitude and support for those who have selflessly served others. We understand that the journey doesn’t end upon returning home; it simply evolves. Recognizing this, we aim to provide comprehensive support, ensuring that every missionary feels valued and cared for even after their service. As a community, we are called to support these brave individuals in every aspect of their journey – a commitment that extends to those who have been a part of their mission, including friends, families, and supporters.

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